Welcome Readers!

"Hello" to all my regular readers and those who are here for the first time!
I hope that this blog enlightens and encourages those who read it but I also hope that it will wake up those who have been asleep to the clock that is ticking within our beautiful nation and within the body of Christ. It is my goal to glorify our Lord and share the Truth with anyone who will listen!
I pray that the Lord will give you strength and courage each day to do His will and to glorify Him. It seems to be getting harder and harder these days to keep our heads above water, but He does promise us that He will not allow the waters to overtake us! Praise Him for that promise!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

Even though Jesus was not truly born in the winter (April is more accurate), we still observe His birth on December 25th. What a glorious day and a glorious gift that God gave US! We traditionally call it the season of giving, yet the most perfect and gracious gift ever given was that of eternal life to all who choose to accept it through the blood of Jesus.

As we look around these days it is heartbreaking to see just how far we have strayed from the true meaning of Christmas. It is so commercialized and politically correct it actually makes me sick to my stomach. It is our job as true followers and lovers of our Lord and Savior, to share this truth with others and to stand up for Him. The Christian, in general, is so weak and tolerant of the beliefs that are flooding this nation, the term Christian no longer makes the hair on Satan's neck stand rather he probably just smiles and goes about his business. We are not the strong backbone of this nation any longer. BUT we can be!! Honestly, it is our duty, our responsibility and our privileged to stand for Him. We will be hated and scorned, maybe even arrested or fired but if we let our fear detour us from the work we have ahead of us, we have already handed the victory to the enemy.

OK, enough of my rant. All I can say is Merry Christmas to you all and may He bless you with the peace of eternal life and remember, the "big picture" is not life on this earth but the life to come.

But I can't sign off without prompting you to think about what your goals will be for 2014 in regards to your stand for the Lord and the immorality of this nation. Pray about the work He has lined up for you and for the courage to perform that work.

May the Lord bless and keep you,
May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you,
May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.             Numbers 6:24-26

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sick and Tired

     From time to time it strikes me; just how much I truly take for granted. I feel good and life is going along fairly smooth and even though I DO thank the Lord for these things, I forget just how much He does ALL the time. This thought came to me today because I have been sick the last two weeks. Nothing major, just a cold then a short stomach flue, but I really felt pretty crappy. As I am beginning to feel better today, I realize how much I don't think about my health when I have it!
     I have a couple of friends who suffer from regular debilitating conditions and I try to put myself in their shoes. Boy is that hard! I am a pretty active and type A personalitied person and being down for any length of time is hard for me. I know these women are of a similar personality as me and knowing this, I really feel for them. I think they tend to see the gifts from the Lord a little better than I. Every time I get sick and begin to feel better I have these thoughts and emotions but honestly they wane after awhile. Here I am once again!
     Well, this is a short post I know, but I wanted to share to send a reminder of God's graciousness to us all in ALL things. AND to encourage us to remember in prayer, those we know who suffer from poor health. As far as that goes, to help us remember others who suffer in many ways.
     My goal will be to keep these things closer to the front of my mind on a regular basis. I hope you will too!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fired Up

When I started this blog, my goal was to help people apply God's Word to their life. And, that is still my goal, however, I am getting a little bit frustrated with the many so-called Christians who claim to be just that but who really don't reflect it in their lives ... sometimes not at all!!

As I watch what is happening with the nation as a whole; things people say, what we do with our time and how we spend our money, I realize that if this nation really were 80% Christian as statistics say, we wouldn't embrace same-sex marriages, abortion and so many other anti-Biblical lifestyles. This posting may seem similar to the one titled "Don't keep hittin' snooze", but maybe it has to be said again, and again.

I never used to be "in" to politics, but as I grow older I realize that it is important to know what is going on and to be involved to some extent. For each person that will mean different levels of involvement. Voting is a good first step! Many people don't even do that and if they do they may not be all that informed when they make their choices. I used to be that person and honestly I am just recently seeking God's direction for me to become more involved. The revision of my blog is my first step.

I went to a rally this summer that was geared towards liberty and God and the direction this nation is headed-completely the OPPOSITE direction! They had a number of speakers; one of our state representatives, a pastor, the leaders of a few "liberty loving" organizations and a woman named KrisAnne Hall. (KrisAnneHall.com) She is a constitutional lawyer, a pastor's wife, a mother and a fired-up speaker! WOW! She was so passionate and informed. By the time she was finished, I was on fire too! But, as the days and weeks passed, my "fire" dwindled. I got caught up with "life" once again and she and her passion became a distant memory, until recently.

One of the reasons our Founding Fathers left the "Old World" for the "New One" was to get out from under the hands of their current government. They wanted the freedoms and liberties that God gives when we live according to His Word. Living under an authority that denies those freedoms and liberties causes an enslavement of sorts. Yes, the authorities we live under are allowed their placement by God Almighty. However, that doesn't mean they are always good for us. It also doesn't mean that we can just let them dictate their laws especially when their laws conflict with God's laws. Our nation was once a God-fearing country and we have been blessed because of that, I believe, but God will only allow the moral decay of our nation for so long. The Old Testament is clear that God will allow nations to live in filth and stray until destruction or enslavement comes. Examples like Noah and the "Flood", Lot and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the capture of His people by both the Assyrians and the Babylonians just to name a few, should cause us to re-evaluate our nation's direction. That needs to start with each one of us individually.

First we need to pull our heads out of the sand and look around. Truly recognize the muck and mire in which we are currently living. Check out the Kardashian's Christmas card and see what is desirable within our nation (have a vomit bag ready!). Really pay attention to what is on TV and then throw it out the window!! I know there are many people who are reading this and are already aware of these things. That is great! Now take it to the next level. Pray and seek God's will for you and get involved somehow. Tell others what you know. We have come to a point where we need to share the Word of the Lord AND wake others up to the crumbling of our beautiful nation! These things go hand-in-hand. It isn't enough any longer to know God's Word and live it for ourselves. I believe we are in a crisis that needs immediate and serious attention. When I read Joel Rosenberg's book Implosion he cited information about the first and second "Great Awakening’s” both of which I was unfamiliar. We truly do need a third in order for our nation to survive. AND, it may be God's will that it NOT survive. He may allow our nation to disintegrate. But we have to try or it "curtains" for America. If you don't believe me or think it isn't that bad, do your own research. If you do agree with me then get busy. I can't tell you what to do at this point, although here are some things with which you can start; pray first, vote after researching the candidates and topics, write your congressmen when you disagree with laws and bills and educate yourself both Biblically and constitutionally (know your God-given and constitutional rights!!).

Now, go get fired up!